Every Year...

Hundreds of LGBTQ-affirming Christians gather together for a weekend of worship, learning, inspiration, and connection.

Students. Parents. Lay Leaders. Pastors. Seekers.

All Are Welcome.

Seattle, Washington

Plymouth Congregational Church

November 7-9, 2019

Watch Keynote Sessions


We’ll have inspiring keynotes from LGBTQ Christian leaders, teaching from respected Bible scholars, as well as worship and workshops.

Is This For Me?

Are you a Christian who supports the LGBTQ community but who wishes that your church were as supportive as you are? Do you feel ill-equipped to have difficult conversations with Christian family and friends⁠—much less your pastor and other church leaders⁠—about their views on the topic and their interpretation of Scripture when it comes to same-sex relationships and transgender people?

Register today for The Reformation Project’s Reconcile and Reform Conference to help you become a confident and effective advocate for LGBTQ inclusion in your church! Speaking up about LGBTQ inclusion can be daunting and isolating. Come learn about the biblical case for LGBTQ inclusion, meet other affirming Christians, and hear from a diverse group of leading voices in the movement at our annual conference! The conference will be hosted at Plymouth Congregational Church in downtown Seattle from November 7-9, 2019.

Parents in Process

Are you a Christian parent who has an LGBTQ child and lots of questions? Are you wrestling with what it means to honor God and continue to love and embrace your child after they’ve come out? If so, you are not alone on this journey.  Attend this daylong program on Thursday, November 7, for parents just like you.

Pastors in Process

For the first time this year, The Reformation Project will host a private, off-the-record gathering specifically for pastors of non-affirming churches who want to move the conversation on LGBTQ inclusion forward in their churches.

Our Core Values

Love for God

We seek to honor God with everything we do, with our lives and with our relationships.

Love for the Bible

We love the Bible and revere it as the Word of God, inspired by God and authoritative for Christian life and practice.

Love for the Church

We love the church, and we are compelled by our love for the church to help the body of Christ truly be the hands and feet of Jesus.

— All Are Welcome

Whether you are LGBTQ or straight, you are welcome at the Reconcile and Reform Conference. Whether you are LGBTQ-affirming or not, if you are open to learning more, we would love to have you.

— Our Gold Sponsor

Thank you to our gold sponsor, Beloved Arise!