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Parents in Process

Are you a Christian parent who has an LGBTQ child and lots of questions?

Are you wrestling with what it means to honor God and continue to love and embrace your child after they’ve come out?

If so, you are not alone on this journey—and you are invited to attend a daylong program on Thursday, November 7, for parents just like you.

Seattle, Washington

Plymouth Congregational Church

November 7, 2019

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The Facilitators

Greg and Lynn McDonald

Greg and Lynn are the founders of a ministry called Embracing the Journey and the authors of Embracing the Journey: A Christian Parents’ Blueprint to Loving Your LGBTQ Child. They live in Atlanta, Georgia, where they pursue their passion of helping LGBTQ families become reconciled with each other and move one step closer to Jesus.

Program Content

The McDonalds will be sharing their unvarnished and honest personal story of having a gay son, along with lessons they’ve learned from walking with hundreds of Christian parents who have LGBTQ children. The day will also include a two-part workshop led by Greg and Lynn to help parents move from a place of fear and mourning to embracing their “new normal,” culminating with helping them to thrive and find purpose in their journey. Attendees will hear from Matthew Vines and his dad as they share how they navigated the journey of studying Scripture together. The program will end with an LGBTQ panel discussion where parents can ask LGBTQ individuals anything that is on their mind.

Reconcile and Reform Conference

The Reformation Project is hosting our annual Reconcile and Reform conference at Plymouth Congregational Church in Seattle, Washington, this November 7-9.

We welcome and encourage you to stay for the Reconcile and Reform conference from Thursday evening through Saturday evening. Separate registration is required for the conference (see here). Tickets for Parents in Process are $30 for conference attendees and $50 for non-attendees. Lunch is included in the ticket price.

"As evangelical Christian parents, we were completely unprepared to respond when our son came out. If you could do it wrong, we did. At first, we tried to “fix” him, to no avail. But even in the earliest days of our journey, we clung to two absolutes: we would love God, and we would love our son. It has been 17 years since then and our learnings have been huge.

Today, we head up a ministry called Embracing the Journey, where we build bridges between LGBTQ individuals, their families, and the church, even when they seem at odds. We have walked with many hundreds of Christian parents with LGBTQ children, and we are excited to get to spend the day with parents at The Reformation Project’s conference this fall!"

Greg and Lynn McDonaldProgram Leaders