Reconcile and Reform

2021 National Conference

Pastor Candace Hardnett speaking at the TRP conference

Advancing LGBTQ Inclusion in the Church

October 28-30th, we held our annual Reconcile and Reform conference, where we gather for a weekend of worship, teaching, inspiration, and connection with Christians from across the country and the world who are seeking to help the church authentically reflect the love of Jesus to LGBTQ people.

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Pastor Candace Hardnett speaking at the TRP conference


Inspiring keynotes from LGBTQ-affirming Christian leaders.

Jen Hatmaker

Sally Gary

Matthew Vines

Romell and Damion Parks-Weekly

Tim Ouyang

Monica Everett

Randi Robertson

Tim Otto

Eric Peterson

Kathy Baldock

Yvette Cantu Schneider

Alejandro Ugarte

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Watch the Conference Recordings Online

If you’d like to watch the recordings of the conference online, you can purchase a virtual ticket to gain access. Virtual ticket-holders will be added to a closed Facebook group where they will be able to watch the conference videos. The videos will remain available until the end of November.

The videos include the Thursday evening through Saturday program; the Pastors in Process and Parents in Process pre-conference programs were not recorded.

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Is This For Me?

Are you a Christian who supports the LGBTQ community but who wishes that your church were as supportive as you are? Do you feel ill-equipped to have difficult conversations with Christian family and friends⁠ about their views on this topic? Is it time to talk to your pastor and church leaders about their views and their interpretation of Scripture when it comes to same-sex relationships and transgender people?

Join us for The Reformation Project’s Reconcile and Reform Conference to help you become a more confident and effective advocate for LGBTQ inclusion in your church. Speaking up about LGBTQ inclusion can be daunting and isolating. Come learn more about Scripture and LGBTQ inclusion, meet other affirming Christians from around the country and the world, and hear from a diverse group of leading voices in this conversation at our conference!

Whether you are LGBTQ or straight, you are welcome at the Reconcile and Reform Conference. Whether you are LGBTQ-affirming or not, if you are open to learning more, we would love to have you.

Our Core Values

Love for God

We seek to honor God with everything we do, with our lives and with our relationships.

Love for the Bible

We love the Bible and revere it as the Word of God, inspired by God and authoritative for Christian life and practice.

Love for the Church

We love the church, and we are compelled by our love for the church to help the body of Christ truly be the hands and feet of Jesus.