Development Operations Associate Job Description


Development Operations Associate

About The Reformation Project

As a Bible-based, Christian organization, The Reformation Project’s mission is to advance LGBTQ inclusion in the church. Our vision is of a global church that honors Scripture and fully affirms LGBTQ people.

Our various programs reflect our understanding of how change happens. First, we seek to inform Christians about the biblical case for LGBTQ inclusion to show how they can fully affirm both the Bible and LGBTQ people. Next, we engage non-affirming Christians through outreach and advocacy to help them move toward LGBTQ affirmation. Finally, we reform, supporting churches as they shift their teachings and policies from non-affirming to affirming of LGBTQ Christians.

The Core Values Driving Us

Our Statement of Faith expresses our foundational beliefs in the Bible as the Word of God; God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; and Christ’s death for our sins and resurrection from the dead. Our faith beliefs and values are the bedrock of everything we do at The Reformation Project. To do your best work with us, it is essential that you are passionately aligned with our Statement of Faith and our values:

  1. Love for God: We seek to honor God with everything we do, with our lives, and with our relationships. We seek to follow Jesus, worshipping him as God and emulating his life, teachings, and ministry.
  2. Love for the Bible: We revere the Bible as the Word of God, inspired by God and authoritative for Christian life and practice. Our love for Scripture drives us to help the church interpret and apply it as faithfully as possible when it comes to gender and sexuality.
  3. Love for the church: We are compelled by our love for the church to help the body of Christ truly be the hands and feet of Jesus to the world. Our love for the church includes a love for fellow Christians who disagree with us theologically or are still seeking to discern their views about LGBTQ inclusion.

Additionally, we uphold monogamy and covenant, honoring the link that Scripture and the Christian tradition make between sex and lifelong commitment. We also prioritize diversity and inclusion in our work, following Jesus’s example of love and concern for people on the margins of society. We strongly encourage prospective candidates to read the values page of our website in detail before applying.

About The Role

The Development Operations Associate will oversee and manage all fundraising technology, systems, and data entry, ensuring a high degree of reliability and accuracy across all areas. This role will live and breathe Salesforce, The Reformation Project’s CRM. In coordination with the Director of Development (DoD), the Development Operations Associate will generate regular donor data and performance reports for evaluation and future action-planning. To further enhance the donor experience, the Development Operations Associate will support the execution of The Reformation Project’s donor stewardship plan. Solid systems are the bedrock of successful fundraising, and this role will be essential to seeing that The Reformation Project not only consistently employs its data management assets, but that it is constantly looking for and acting upon opportunities to optimize its systems as well.

The Development Operations Associate will report to and work closely with the DoD. This role is a part-time position (20 hours/week) working from our Dallas office.

About the Development Operations Associate’s Work

The Development Operations Associate can expect their work to include:

Gift Processing and Donor Stewardship

  • Ensure smooth integration between Salesforce and The Reformation Project’s payment processor, Classy
  • Ensure smooth, easy experience for online donors
  • Process all offline donations
  • Ensure that all donors receive a gift and tax acknowledgment within one week
  • Support the execution of The Reformation Project’s donor stewardship plan, including (but not limited to) creating Salesforce engagement plans and proactively working with the communications team to prepare and send special communications
  • Assist with prospect research under the direction of the DoD. Ensure that Salesforce is used to track and manage prospect research
  • Assist with outreach to lapsed recurring donors to reactivate them as possible

CRM Management

  • Maintain and update The Reformation Project’s Salesforce SOP manual. Ensure staff are following organizational data entry protocols
  • Add new users, ensure profiles and permission sets are up to date, and share self-paced training ideas with staff using Salesforce
  • Create and manage campaigns to track and distinguish various appeals’ performance
  • Conduct donor data entry and monitor data for accuracy and currency
  • Suggest and execute data field and object customizations to optimize data utility
  • Manage and troubleshoot fundraising-related Salesforce app and software integrations
  • Ensure accurate data entry and data hygiene in Salesforce

Data Reporting and Evaluation

  • Design, update, and maintain donor reports to support the Executive Director and DoD’s evaluation and action-planning efforts
  • Support monthly revenue reconciliations


  • Contribute positively to organizational culture and enthusiastically live out our faith beliefs and organizational values
  • Support successful communications by managing and monitoring the integration between Campaign Monitor, The Reformation Project’s email marketing software, and Salesforce
  • Periodic support for organization events and initiatives outside of development efforts

How You Know This is the Right Job for You

  • Committed Christian who loves God, the Bible, and the church
  • Passionately aligned with The Reformation Project’s values and Statement of Faith
  • A professional with at least one year in nonprofit fundraising and fundraising systems
  • Experienced with Salesforce (required), administrator credential highly preferred
  • Demonstrable experience with CRM software integrations, Salesforce specifically
  • A born project manager able to work backward from a deadline to create a plan
  • Accustomed to working on multiple projects with different deadlines simultaneously
  • A reliable and friendly communicator who reaches out and follows up
  • Commitment to providing excellent customer service
  • Enthusiasm to propose fresh ideas and openness to feedback on those ideas
  • A stickler for details and quality
  • A caretaker of sensitive information about donors, board members, constituents, etc.
  • A strong self-motivator

About Compensation and Benefits

  • This role will receive an hourly rate of $22 per hour for 20 hours of work/week

How To Apply For This Job:

Candidates should submit a resume, cover letter, and recent writing sample that is authored solely by the candidate and relevant to fundraising work, such as a thank you letter or a follow-up email to a donor, to with “Development Operations Associate Application” in the subject line.

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