Leadership Development Cohort

Training LGBTQ-affirming Christians to lead TRP chapters in their local communities.

Average Fundraising Goal: $1,000 per person

All cohort expenses are raised as a collaborative effort between cohort members and The Reformation Project. TRP will enlist the support of donors to help offset the costs of the cohort, while cohort members are expected to raise support from their own communities as well. Cohort expenses include travel, lodging, food, and programming materials.

Funds that are raised are pooled among all participants. The most important factor is each reformer’s effort in fundraising, not the individual amounts raised. This process is important both for covering the expense of the program and because it helps cohort members develop the support base they will need to help their chapter grow and thrive. It’s a valuable process that fortifies and prepares participants for the work ahead.

That said, we also recognize that, based on a variety of factors, some reformers will not be able to raise funds from their friends, family, or community, and we are committed to helping ensure that they will still be able to participate fully in the cohort. On the application, there is a section where you can communicate your ability to participate in fundraising. No answers are disqualifying; your responses simply help us calibrate expectations and ensure we have appropriate balance in the group.