8-Week Study Group

For Christian Parents of LGBTQ Children

Our study group is an 8-week program for Christian parents seeking to reconcile their love for their LGBTQ child with their love for the Bible and faith in Jesus Christ.

This program includes a close look at biblical teaching on topics like marriage, gender, and sexual ethics and offers an opportunity for parents to discuss these topics within a group of other parents who are on a similar journey.

Each week, parents will be provided with resources to aid their exploration of that week’s topic along with thoughts for personal reflection and questions for online discussion. Over the course of these eight weeks, there will also be four virtual gatherings on Zoom, providing an opportunity for face-to-face dialogue and mutual support.

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Thanks to our generous donors, this program is offered free of charge!

Program Syllabus

Week 1

July 30 - August 5

Going Back to the Gospel

Week 2

August 6-12

The Basics of Biblical Interpretation

Saturday, August 12

First Zoom Gathering (1-3pm Central)

Week 3

August 13-19

Good Reasons for Reexamining our Interpretation of the Bible

Week 4

August 20-26

Biblical Texts on Same-Sex Relations

Saturday, August 26

Second Zoom Gathering (3-5pm Central)

Week 5

August 27 - September 2

Biblical Teaching on Marriage and Sexual Ethics

Week 6

September 3-9

The Bible and Gender

Saturday, September 9

Third Zoom Gathering (1-3pm Central)

Week 7

September 10-16

The Inclusive Trajectory of Scripture

Week 8

September 17-23

Extending the Grace You Have Received

Saturday, September 23

Final Zoom Gathering (1-3pm Central)

Our Core Values

Love for God

We seek to honor God with everything we do, with our lives and with our relationships.

Love for the Bible

We love the Bible and revere it as the Word of God, inspired by God and authoritative for Christian life and practice.

Love for the Church

We love the church, and we are compelled by our love for the church to help the body of Christ truly be the hands and feet of Jesus.

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