Advancing LGBTQ Inclusion in the Church

Compelled by our love for God, the Bible, and the global church


Announcing our first Reconcile and Reform webinar!

Understanding Scripture and Sexual Ethics with Karen Keen

Saturday, August 29th • 2:00-3:30pm CST

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The Problem

Church teachings that condemn same-sex relationships and transgender people cause serious harm in the lives of LGBTQ Christians.

The Need for Reform

The Vision

We envision a global church that honors Scripture and fully affirms LGBTQ people.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Process



Inform Christians about the biblical case for LGBTQ inclusion to show how they can fully affirm both the Bible and LGBTQ people.



Engage non-affirming Christians through outreach and advocacy to help them move toward LGBTQ affirmation.



Guide and support churches to reform their teachings and policies to fully affirm LGBTQ Christians.

Brief Biblical Case

Learn more about the biblical case for LGBTQ inclusion in the church.



This fall, we’ll be offering a series of online Reconcile and Reform webinars as well as virtual versions of our Parents in Process and Pastors in Process program.


Equipping LGBTQ-affirming Christians with the tools and theological knowledge they need to lead and grow a local TRP chapter.


Helping shift local Christians and churches from non-affirming to affirming on LGBTQ inclusion through visibility and advocacy, education, and community support.